Terrelle Pryor decides to sign with Cincinnati Bengals

Photo by Adam SchweigertTerrelle Pryor has decided to continue his career in the same state from where he became a college star once. On Sunday, he signed with Cincinnati Bengals, and his selection to the new team was followed by the weekend tryout. During their rookie camp, Ohio State standout was working as a quarterback for the Bengals.

Hue Jackson, the offensive coordinator of Bengals, has expressed his content with Terrelle Pryor, just after the first day of the rookie camp. On Friday, he mentioned that he tried a lot of things throughout the year and his good works are paying off with the recruitment of Terrelle Pryor.

In 2011, Hue Jackson was the head coach of Oakland Riders, where he trained Terrelle Pryor. Thus, he already knows the capabilities Terrelle Pryor as a player. In 2011, Jackson showed immense faith on the capabilities of Terrelle Pryor. Now, again he is too reliant on his old student, bringing back the nostalgia of 2011.

As a player, Terrelle Pryor’s career is fascinating, though he is also surrounded with so many controversies. He was one of those players, who involved in free benefits and memorabilia-selling scandal. This is surely one of the areas that Terrelle Pryor would want to forget. All he needs is giving a new start to his with a new team.

Terrelle Pryor is known to be a versatile player, as his skills, power and speed are some attributes which suit every position. However, the athlete himself, said that he is comfortable in playing on his own preferable position.

He said that he cannot play at the quarterback position – he is not a football player. After spending five months with the Chiefs, he signed with Bengals. Before that, he used to play for Seahawk’s roaster.

When question on his participation on rookie camp, he stated that the camp is a joy to him. He also informed that he told Hue Jackson that he wanted to join minicamp as he needed reps.

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